Road Trip!

25 Jun

I’m hitting the road late Wednesday night, bound for the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Chicago.  I am so freaking excited.

I’ll be spending the weekend listening to such super-geniuses as: Dr. Lee Burton, Dr. Stuart McGill, Gray Cook, Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove, John Brookfield, Thomas Plummer, Martin Rooney, Charlie Weingroff, Eric Cressey and Dr. Greg Rose.  Holy beans, it’s going to be amazing.

I’m taking my mom along with me for the ride.  She’s excited about all the shopping and sight-seeing she’ll be able to do while I’m at the conference and I’m pleased to have some company for the 8-hour drive (I just got so many books on tape out of the library – you have no idea).  We’re also taking in a Cirque Du Soleil show on Saturday night – I’ve never seen Cirque before, so I’m pretty hyped about that too.

On that note, I am way too amped up about my trip to write a coherent blog post.  Here are some links to people who have written awesome posts that you should totally read:

Neghar, with a great post on finding balance in your life and diet.

My new favourite person ever, John Romaniello, outlines his rules for living.

Alwyn Cosgrove gives a lesson about choices.

and finally, The Bloggess shares her wisdom on accomplishment.

I will have so much updating to do once I’m back from the conference – I promise to share all of the learnination (that’s learning and domination, together at last) upon my return.


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