On the Road Again

16 Aug

I’m heading out to another conference this weekend.  This time it’s the Canfitpro Toronto International Conference.

I’m pretty excited to get some serious learning in, and meet some cool fitness professionals.

Since I’m busy getting packed and ready to go, here’s a post from Elsbeth Vaino, via the PTDC that pretty much sums up why I go to conferences, work 16 hour days, and push to make this my full-time career path:

Do You Love Personal Training?

My life is challenging right now.  I still work full-time at a (non-fitness) job.  I work full-time on my training business.  I work (what feels like) full-time at derby.  Some days I wonder when I will finally get there.

Sometimes it’s tough, but the tough days melt away when a client reaches a personal best, or tries something they’ve never been confident enough to try before, or has an “aha” moment.

I love the learning, I love the research I do for my clients and skaters, I love knowing that I help people change their lives every day.

Some days/clients/practices are a challenge, for sure, but there’s always something good that comes from fighting through.

Soon, fitness will be my full-time job.  Like Elsbeth says in her article, satisfaction is working in a field that you love.  It has a positive impact on every other area of your life.  I’m getting there, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ll share everything I learned this weekend at the conference in Monday’s post.  Have a great weekend – I know I will!


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