Health and Aging

13 Sep

Sorry for missing Monday’s post.  We had a family emergency – on Sunday night, my husband, Slim’s,  dad was brought to Emerg in extreme respiratory distress. 

What does this have to do with fitness, you say?

This – don’t let your muscles waste as you age.

Walk, cycle, stretch, engage in a sport that you love, lift weights.  Do something.

Slim’s dad is 90 lbs on a good day.  He has incredibly limited mobility, has never been given physiotherapy, and was never offered respiratory therapy after lung surgery.   It’s no wonder he can’t breathe – his body is not a machine built for breathing any more.

You only get one body.  Mike Boyle says it brilliantly here, you will spend both time and money on your body – why not take preventative measures while you still have the chance?

And when you have a major event, like the one we’ve just had, why not use it as a springboard to advocate for your care?  Get the rehabilitative measures that you need.  Inform yourself.  Stay on your medical professionals until you are satisfied with the answers, solutions and care they are giving you.  No one gets better by just letting recovery happen to them – you need to be an active participant in your own care.

And finally, you are never too far gone to make positive change.  Reach out to those who can help you.  Have a plan to manage your pain.  Have a rehabilitative strategy.  You will never know what your quality of life could have been if you don’t pursue your options.  Let’s be clear, Slim’s dad will not be out running marathons.  But if he keeps on this path, he might get out of the hospital.  And if we have a plan and stick to it, he might be able to walk down the street again.

He’s not out of the woods yet.  But we’re cautiously optimistic.  And this time, when we leave the hospital, we’re going out with a plan.


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