Wake Me Up When September Ends

27 Sep

Just a little post today.

September is drawing to a close.  It’s been a challenging month to say the least.  Sometimes that happens.  Sometimes everything goes wrong.  Sometimes, as a wise woman I know recently said, “you just want to get into bed with all your clothes on and pull the duvet all the way up”.

But, more often than not, we have to keep going.  We don’t have the liberty of hiding from the world.  We have jobs to do, bills to pay, business to handle, families to keep afloat.

It’s okay to be discouraged, to get angry, to be sad, to grieve.  Honour your feelings.  But don’t wallow in them.  Even when things are looking the worst, there are still small blessings.  Let yourself feel the joy of little things – a good cup of tea, watching dogs run around, the smell of a fireplace at night.

Today, it’s beautiful out.  It’s a perfect fall temperature, the sun is bright, and the sky is blue with some fluffy, white clouds.  The leaves are just starting to change colour.  It’s the best fall day yet.  I can’t wait to get outside in it, with friends.

Make sure to remember the little good things – because they are what will get you through the big bad times.  Even the worst of days has an upside if you seek it out.  And I guess that’s my point.  There’s always a rainbow if you look hard enough for it.


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