About Me

My name is Laura, I live in Guelph, Ontario and I am a personal trainer.

I went to the U of T, got a degree in Theatre, got married, moved to Guelph, got a day job and somewhere along the way, I started playing roller derby.

I’m a skater (Lilith NoFair) and Head of Training with the Tri-City Roller Girls where I develop programs to improve the on-skate endurance, speed, agility and overall performance of female roller derby skaters, ages 18-45.  These women come from all sorts of backgrounds from former speed-skaters to those with no athletic history whatsoever.  Combine that wide range of training history with a high-intensity, high-contact sport, and the need for performance training and injury prevention skyrockets.   With hundreds of leagues starting up all over North America, you’ve got whole a lot of women who need a whole lot of help keeping themselves conditioned and injury-free.

Training roller derby skills to skaters made it clear to me that this is what I want to do – teach people how to use their bodies better.  I saw so many girls in leagues all across Canada and in the US with the same injuries, with the same struggles, and I decided to learn how to help.

I’m a University of Guelph certified Personal Trainer, an HKC kettlebell instructor, and have my Functional Movement Systems Level 1 certification as well.

This blog chronicles my trials, tribulations and triumphs while I share my love of lifting with other ladies, learn how to be a trainer having never been a gym-rat, and find my place in the world.

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